Sentence Examples

  • Because of these factors, efficient use in business applications is very limiting because with dial-up access your limited to either surfing or talking on your phone line.
  • The higher the number of bits the station is broadcasting, the better the sound quality will be, but most dial-up connections will not be able to support the technology.
  • Using a dial-up is limiting because the phone line the modem is connected to is blocked during use, so no incoming or outgoing phones calls can be received or made.
  • Dial-up access has been replaced for the most part by DSL or cable modem connections which serves the needs of business owners because they allow opening of several Web site pages at the same time while performing phone conversations.
  • Dial-up modems are the old 56Kbps standard rapidly being replaced by broadband because the throuhput or data that 56K modems can handle is fast becoming inadequate to the data-hungry software applications now available.