Sentence Examples

  • Zinc and hydrochloric acid in the cold convert it into alloxantin, hydroxylamine gives nitroso-barbituric acid, C 4 H 2 N 2 0 3: NOH, baryta water gives alloxanic acid, C 4 H 4 N 2 0 5, hot dilute nitric acid oxidizes it to parabanic acid, hot potassium hydroxide solution hydrolyses it to urea and mesoxalic acid and zinc and hot hydrochloric acid convert it into dialuric acid, C4H4N204.
  • Tartronyl urea (dialuric acid), C0[NH CO]CH OH, formed by the reduction of alloxan (J.
  • C ALLOXANTIN $ H 4 N 4 0 7.3H 2 0, a product obtained by the combination of alloxan and dialuric acid, probably possessing the constitution NH - CO CO - NH O - O - H NH - C CO - NH one of the three molecules of water being possibly constitutional.

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