Sentence Examples

  • FOLD, a pleat or bend in a flexible material, or a curve in any surface, whence its particular application in geology with which this article deals.
  • Fealdan) meant originally to double back a piece of cloth or other material so as to form a pleat, whence has evolved its various senses of to roll up, to enclose, enfold or embrace as with the arms, to clasp the hands or arms together, &c. The word is common to Teutonic languages, cf.
  • Plicare, plectere, to plait, pleat, weave, and in the suffixes of such words as borXauws, duplex, double, simplex, &c. Similarly the termination "-fold" is added to numbers implying "so many," e.g.
  • Aphrodite sits in a similar position to Eos, her dress heavily pleated.
  • Cheerleader style skirt with two kick pleats at the front and one at the back.

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