Sentence Examples

  • She's pecking away on her story— has been, most of the night.
  • By the patient study of the behaviour of precocious young birds, such as chicks, pheasants, ducklings and moorhens, it can be readily ascertained that such modes of activity as running, swimming, diving, preening the down, scratching the ground, pecking at small objects, with the characteristic attitudes expressive of fear and anger, are so far instinctive as to be definite on their first occurrence - they do not require to be learnt.
  • "In Idaho?" she asked, like a hen pecking for scraps.
  • All the main line murderers, gangsters and gang bangers looked down on us sex offenders like puke on the sidewalk but the pecking order didn't stop there.
  • She is much interested in some little chickens that are pecking their way into the world this morning.

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