Sentence Examples

  • Prominent among a great variety of song-birds and insectivorous birds are the robin, blue bird, cat bird, sparrows, meadow-lark, bobolink, thrushes, chickadee, wrens, brown thrasher, gold finch, cedar wax-wing, flycatchers, nuthatches, flicker (golden-winged woodpecker), downy and hairy woodpeckers, rose-breasted grosbeak, Baltimore oriole, barnswallow, chimney swift, purple martin, purple finch (linnet), vireos and several species of warblers.
  • The grey-headed woodpecker tapping the hollow tree!
  • Only a woodpecker tapping.
  • Golden-breasted Starlings nests in holes in trees and may use abandoned woodpecker or barbet nests.
  • We also failed to bump into Iberian Green Woodpecker anywhere, but I had no specific gen.

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