Sentence Examples

  • Taxes are distinguished as direct, because they are charged directly upon the tax-payer from whose income they are supposed to be taken.
  • The charge in one case upon the article at a certain stage of its production, and in the other upon a transaction, is supposed to be passed on by the first payer to others.
  • The ultimate payer in these cases is no doubt reached without delay or many steps, but the process is not quite direct.
  • Many of the licences are those of brewers, distillers and publicans, and others in trade, and are paid out of the general profits of the business, so that they can hardly be passed on to the consumers, while other licences are for shooting, for employing carriages and men-servants, and for similar objects, where the charge on the payer is direct.
  • No doubt, in theory, this duty, being levied on the import only and not on the home production of corn, took from the tax-payer a shilling on every quarter of grain produced at home which did not go into the exchequer.

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