Sentence Examples

  • The Petermann Spitze, near the shore of Franz Josef Fjord, measured by Payer and found to be 11,000 ft., has hitherto been considered to be the highest mountain in Greenland, but according to Nathorst it " is probably only two-thirds as high as Payer supposed," perhaps between 8000 and 9000 ft.
  • The law of that year lowered the qualification of the payer of a direct tax to 10 fl.
  • The tithe-owner cannot recover damages from the tithe-payer for not cultivating the land.
  • August Petermann expressed the opinion that Baffin may have sighted the west of Franz Josef Land in 1614, but the first actual discovery is due to Julius Payer, a lieutenant in the Austrian army, who was associated with Weyprecht in the second polar expedition fitted out by Count Wilczek on the ship "Tegetthof" in 1872.
  • Cape Fligely was the highest latitude attained by Payer, and remained the highest attained in the Old World till 1895.