Sentence Examples

  • Bumpus sat near the two, acting like a protector and getting free hand pats for his reward.
  • After the service and obligatory greetings, hand shakings and pats-on-the-back, Willard and I returned to his office.
  • Ants invite one another to work, or ask for food from one another, by means of pats with the feelers; and they respond to the solicitations of their guest-beetles or mites, who ask for food by patting the ants with their feet.
  • 6) by the three operations of speculation (BEwpia), practice (71 - pats) and production (7roipacs), and made the following subdivisions: I.
  • A peculiar feature of the arable tract is the Pats (literally cups) or depressed lands near the river-banks.