Sentence Examples

  • Occasionally such hills are called plat, i.e.
  • "And Plat-" he began, but did not finish.
  • The homestead of any family in the state is exempt from attachment, lien or forced sale, except for taxes or purchase money, provided it has been properly recorded; but it can embrace only one dwelling house, cannot include gold or silver mines, and is limited in value to $5000 to one acre if within a town plat, to 40 acres if it is in the country and was acquired under the laws of the United States relating to mineral lands, and to 160 acres of other land in the country.
  • The east side was platted in the summer of 1835, and very soon afterward the plat of a settlement on the west side was also recorded, Byron Kilbourn being the chief projector and proprietor of the latter.
  • The In February 1839 this young lady, a daughter of the "Bed- marquis of Hastings, and a maid of honour to the chamber duchess of Kent, was accused by certain ladies of Plat' the bedchamber of immoral conduct.