Sentence Examples

  • The only pathways for the gases which thus pass between the cells of the mesophyll and the outside air are the stomata.
  • In gardening, a labyrinth or maze means an intricate network of pathways enclosed by hedges or plantations, so that those FIG.
  • They must secure their Calendar (Great Britain)] supply of moisture from the rain that falls on the glass, and flows into the narrow pathways from 9 in.
  • As it is impossible to use an ordinary wheelbarrow in these narrow pathways, the workman carries a specially made wicker basket called a " hotte " on his shoulders by means of two straps.
  • These areas are of small extent and are closely cultivated, and support thick forests of date-palms. All kinds of tropical vegetables, grains and small fruits grow under cultivation, and land is so precious in these limited areas of great richness and fertility that very narrow pathways divide each owner's plot from his neighbour's.