Sentence Examples

  • A papal bull for the college was obtained on the 21st of June 1 439; and further patents for endowments from the 11th of May 1441 to the 28th of January 1443, when a general confirmation charter was obtained, for which £1000 (L30,000 at least of our money) was paid.
  • A privy council decree recognizing the claims of New York was issued on the 10th of July 1764, and the settlers were soon afterwards ordered to surrender their patents and repurchase the land from the proper authorities at Albany.
  • It was very early recognized - and, indeed, is mentioned in the first patents of Bell, and in a caveat filed by Elisha Gray in the United States patent office only some two hours after Bell's application for a patent - that sounds and spoken words might be transmitted to a distance by causing the vibrations of a diaphragm to vary the resistance in the circuit.
  • Both the Bell and the Edison Companies opened negotiations with the Post Office for the sale of their patents to the government, but without success.
  • The Bell telephone patents expired.

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