Sentence Examples

  • Patera (Father) Silk, the protagonist, is a priest and auger; he divines the intention of the gods through the reading of animal entrails.
  • (In the Russell-process double salts: 4Na2S203.3Cu2S203, and 8Na 2 S 2 0 3.3Cu 3 S 2 0 3 the metallic silver and silver sulphide are readily soluble; thus it supplements that of Patera.) After the silver has been dissolved by percolation, the last of the solvent still in contact with the ore is replaced by a second washwater.
  • Ausonius, for instance, apostrophizes the rhetorician Attius Patera as sprung from a race of Druids.
  • It was usually a youthful figure, dressed in a short, high-girt tunic, holding in one hand a rhyton (drinking-horn), in the other a patera (cup).
  • The use of sodium hyposulphite as solvent, and sodium sulphide as precipitant, was proposed in 1846 by Hauch and in 1850 by Percy, and put into practice in 1858 by Patera (Patera process); calcium hyposulphite with calcium polysulphide was first used by Kiss in 1860 (Kiss process, now obsolete); sodium hyposulphite with calcium polysulphide was adopted about 1880 by 0.

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