Sentence Examples

  • The British Museum also contains the original parchment of the Articles of the Baron.
  • There are breweries and tanneries, and the manufacture of parchment is carried on.
  • The texts of the older authors which have come down to us were written for the most part not on stone but on papyrus, parchment or other perishable material.
  • Sometimes it is woolly and flocculent, sometimes smooth like parchment, and its shape depends in a large measure upon the habits of the female towards her offspring.
  • The municipal library, with 300,000 volumes, boasts among its rarer treasures a Gutenberg Bible printed at Mainz between 1450 and 1455, another on parchment dated 1462, the Institutiones Justiniani (Mainz, 1468), the Theuerdank, with woodcuts by Hans Schaufelein, and numerous valuable autographs.