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  • The site of New Rochelle is part of a purchase by Thomas Pell in 1654 and of a grant to him by Richard Nicolls in 1666; it was sold in 1689 to Jacob Leisler.
  • He had meant only to lop off a few ultramontane extremists; he succeeded in sending Catholics of every shade and colour pell-mell into the arms of Rome.
  • Briggs had himself been engaged in filling up the gap, and in a lettex to John Pell, written after the publication of Vlacq's work, and dated October 25, 1628, he says: " My desire was to have those chiliades that are wantinge betwixt 20 and 90 calculated and printed, and I had done them all almost by my selfe, and by some frendes whom my rules had sufficiently informed, and by agreement the busines was conveniently parted 'amongst us; but I am eased of that charge and care by one Adrian Vlacque, an Hollander, who hathe done all the whole hundred chiliades and printed them in Latin, Dutche and Frenche, moo bookes in these 3 languages, and hathe sould them almost all.
  • JOHN PELL (16so-1685), English mathematician, was born on the 1st of March 1610 at Southwick in Sussex, where his father was minister.
  • From 1654 to 1658 Pell acted as Cromwell's political agent to the Protestant cantons of Switzerland.

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