Sentence Examples

  • Three views were held: that the Auctor copied from Cicero; that they were independent of each other, parallelisms being due to their having been taught by the same rhetorician at Rome; that Cicero made extracts from the Rhetorica, as well as from other authorities, in his usual eclectic fashion.
  • In some cases he has skilfully suggested parallelisms and contrasts.
  • It was the opinion of Bertheau, Keil and others, that the parallelisms of Chronicles with Samuel and Kings are sufficiently explained by the ultimate common source from which both narratives drew.
  • Illustrations of this law were set forth by Cope as early as 1861 (see " Origin of Genera," reprinted in the Origin of the Fittest, pp. 95 -106) in pointing out the extraordinary parallelisms between unrelated groups of amphibians, reptiles and mammals.
  • For the identification, therefore, of the source or sources used we have to rely upon the amount of correspondence with our Gospels in the quotations made, and in respect to other parallelisms of statement and of expression, in these early Christian writers.

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