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  • The state is divided into nine judicial districts, and each supreme court justice holds circuit courts within each county of a judicial district, besides being associated with the " president " judge of the court of common pleas of each county in holding the court of common pleas, the court of quarter sessions, the court of oyer and terminer and the orphans' court.
  • The court of oyer and terminer is a higher criminal court, and has cognizance of all crimes and offences whatever.
  • (4) A person committed to prison for treason or felony shall, if he requires it, in the first week of the next term or the first day of the next session of oyer and terminer, be indicted in that term or session or else admitted to bail, unless it appears on affidavit that the witnesses for the crown are not ready; and if he is not indicted and tried in the second term or session after commitment, or if after trial he is acquitted, he shall be discharged from imprisonment.
  • From 1778 to 1805 he was attorney-general of Maryland; in1814-1816he was chief judge of the court of Oyer and Terminer for the city of Baltimore; and in1818-1822he was attorney-general of Maryland.
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