Sentence Examples

  • In the case of a lawsuit the plaintiff preferred his own plea.
  • The plaintiff having made his demand and waited a certain time without result, went and sat without food before the door of the defendant.
  • Among its members we find an Erni Winkelried acting as a witness to a contract of sale on the 1st of May 1367, while the same man, or perhaps another member of the family, Erni von Winkelried, is plaintiff in a suit at Stans on the 29th of September 1389, and in 1417 is the landamman (or head man) of Unterwalden, being then called Arnold Winkelriet.
  • A plaintiff must reside in the state one year before filing an application for a divorce.
  • After several days' trial, during which Cullen was submitted to a very close examination, the verdict was given for the plaintiff with 4d.