Sentence Examples

  • To charges from such a source, and brought in such a manner, Hastings disdained to reply, and referred his accuser to the supreme court.
  • A delator of infamous character, one Peter, had accused the authorities of the city to the tsar of conspiracy; Ivan, without even confronting the Novgorodians with their accuser, proceeded at the end of 1569 to punish them.
  • He is portrayed as the archadversary and accuser of man.
  • Here were the altar of Athena Areia and two stones, the Mhos "Tf3pewws, on which the accuser, and the XLOo 'AvatSetas, on which the accused, took their stand.
  • His dilatoriness during the second embassy (346) sent to ratify the terms of peace led to his accusation by Demosthenes and Timarchus on a charge of high treason, but he was acquitted as the result of a powerful speech, in which he showed that his accuser Timarchus had, by his immoral conduct, forfeited the right to speak before the people.

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