Sentence Examples

  • A hand swept the dark memories from her mind, and she sagged against Darian, feeling the same sense of peace overtake his mind.
  • I long to share my secret with the one I so love, but then fear and doubt overtake me before the words will leave my lips.
  • With the bridges open, the threat she'd foreseen was going to overtake the human world.
  • Russia must adopt, it was said, those enlightened principles and liberal institutions which made the Western nations superior to her not only in the arts of peace but even in the art of war; only by imitating her rivals could she hope to overtake and surpass them in the race of progress.
  • In addition to these great and beneficent changes, means were taken for developing more rapidly the vast natural resources of the country, public instruction received an unprecedented impetus, a considerable amount of liberty was accorded to the press, a strong spirit of liberalism pervaded rapidly all sections of the educated classes, a new imaginative and critical literature dealing with economic, philosophical and political questions sprang into existence, and for a time the young generation fondly imagined that Russia, awakening from her traditional lethargy, was about to overtake, and soon to surpass, on the path of national progress, the older nations of western Europe.

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