Sentence Examples

  • Secondly, updates can brief you on the complete plotline or background on a particular character, so that you can get more of a catch-up experience if you are just starting to watch one of the CBS soaps for the first time.
  • It is not certain if iron supplementation of children with reduced intelligence, due to iron-deficiency anemia in infancy, has any influence in allowing a "catch-up" in intellectual development.
  • It was a never-ending game of catch-up - just when a web designer thought she had her site exactly the way she wanted it in all browsers, some update would occur and change the rules again.
  • Those babies who don't catch-up at various periods during the first three years typically continue to show developmental delays and other medical problems.
  • Since these infants are underweight and undersized at birth, these charts make allowances for the amount of catch-up growth that may be involved.