Sentence Examples

  • His confession that he had known only twenty happy days in his long reign is perhaps a moral tale, to be classed with the "omnia fui, et nil expedit" of Septimius Severus.
  • (The feelers and legs are cut short.) years; (2) certain stages of the life that are naturally " resting stages " may be in exceptional cases prolonged, and that to a very great extent; in this case no food is taken, and the activity of the individual is almost nil; (3) the life of certain insects in the adult state may be much prolonged if celibacy be maintained; a female of Cybister roeselii (a large water-beetle) has lived five and a half years in the adult state in captivity.
  • For a statical load, range of stress nil, A=0, kmax.
  • When the river has risen 20 or 21 ft., he proclaims the Wefa en-Nil, Completion or Abundance of the Nile.
  • If two masses m1, nil moving in the same straight line impinge, with the result that the velocities are changed from u1, u2, to ui, ui, then, since the impulses on the two bodies must be equal and opposite, the total momentum is unchanged, i.e.

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