Sentence Examples

  • The National Automobile Dealers Association Guide to Recreational Vehicles, also referred to as the NADA for RV guide, is the perfect resource to use to find out fair pricing when you're buying or selling an RV or travel trailer.
  • According to Buying Advice, which has researched trade-in values from both the Black Book, Kelley Blue Book, and NADA, Black Book trade-in values fall somewhere in the middle of Kelley Blue Book and NADA.
  • If you find a website with a NADA RV Blue Book up for sale, either the seller has titled the item incorrectly or he or she is trying to scam you and does not intend to send you anything.
  • RVs R Us: If you want an independent appraisals that combines both the wholesale NADA Guide and Kelly blue book for RV pricing, you may want to request an RV value report from RVs R Us.
  • While most RV experts don't recommend relying on a single source for estimating camper values, the NADA Guide and Kelly Blue Book publications can be an excellent starting point.