Sentence Examples

  • All pearls are layered with nacre, the gradually thickening coating that covers the initial irritant to form the pearl, and nacre is the same material as the oyster's shell, creating an opalescent sheen known as "mother of pearl."
  • Nacre is made of two substances, aragonite -- which is translucent, giving the pearl its beautiful lustrous appearance and conchiolin -- which acts as a glue holding the layers of aragonite together.
  • When nacre, lustre, color, shape and smoothness are all relatively equal, it's the size of the pearl that is the final determining factor of its value.
  • Mother of pearl is created from the nacre on the inside layer of an oyster shell, but genuine pearls are created inside the oyster.
  • Lustre is directly linked to the depth of a pearl's nacre, so it's easy to understand why thicker nacre is so desirable.