Sentence Examples

  • The term came in time to mean " a beggar " and with that meaning has passed through Aramaic and Hebrew into many modern languages; but though the Code does not regard him as necessarily poor, he may have been landless.
  • So personal had the system of jurisdiction become that even the trials of bishops ceased to be necessarily conciliar.
  • In the natural process of growth, the gap must necessarily be wider between the summits of the twigs than lower down, and, instead of imagining " missing links," it is necessary to trace each separate branch as low down as possible, and to institute the comparisons between the lowest points that can be reached.
  • The availability of the energy of electrical separation in a charged Leyden jar is also limited only by the resistance of conductors, in virtue of which an amount of heat is necessarily produced, which is greater the less the time occupied in discharging the jar.

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