Sentence Examples

  • - Base Of West Wall Neal Royal Entrance (Cnossus).
  • Neal, History of the Puritans (1822); and T.
  • Another, Daniel Neal, in 1720, found Boston conversation " as polite as in most of the cities and towns in England, many of their merchants having the advantage of a free conversation with travellers; so that a gentleman from London would almost think himself at home at Boston, when he observes the number of people, their houses, their furniture, their tables, their dress and conversation, which perhaps is as splendid and showy as that of the most considerable tradesmen in London."
  • In 1720 Neal published his History of New England, which obtained for its author the honorary degree of M.A.
  • Evans, however, died in 1730, and, making use of his papers for the period before 1640, Neal wrote the whole of the work himself.