Sentence Examples

  • Arminius is a Latinized form of his patronymic Hermanns or Hermansen.
  • The patronymic of the Montaigne family, who derived their title from the château at which the essayist was born and which had been bought by his grandfather, was Eyquem.
  • If so, Bartholomew is probably a patronymic, the apostle's full name being Nathanael Bartolmai, i.e.
  • The name Kpoviwv, or KpovLSr)s, looks like a patronymic. Muller, however, thinks it originally meant only " connected with time, existing through all time."
  • Ever after his exit from the Bastille in April 1718 he was known as Arouet de Voltaire, or simply Voltaire, though legally he never abandoned his patronymic. The origin of the famous name has been much debated, and attempts have been made to show that it actually existed in the Daumart pedigree or in some territorial designation.