Sentence Examples

  • The patroon was the legal heir of all his colonists who died intestate.
  • He was fifth in descent from Killian Van Rensselaer (c. 1580-1645), the original patroon of Rensselaerwyck, New York, who acquired his large estates between 1630 and 1637.
  • Two years later, by a revision of the Charter of Privileges and Exemptions, the prohibition on manufactures was abolished, the privileges of the original charter with respect to patroons were extended to " all good inhabitants of the Netherlands," and the estate of a patroon was limited to 4 m.
  • The patroon received his estate in perpetual inheritance and had the exclusive right of hunting and fishing upon it.
  • The colony of Rensselaerwyck was the only one that prospered under the patroon system.