Sentence Examples

  • Mutable signs do not feature the solidity of the fixed quadruplicity, nor do they possess the drive of the cardinal, but their predilection towards adapting makes them eager to learn and solution-oriented.
  • On the other hand, the mutable and curious nature of Gemini combined with its upward, airy energy serves to enliven Leo and is, therefore, thought to be a highly compatible sign.
  • Match this depression with Pisces' mutable nature, and you can create a highly downtrodden and unstable individual; the classic manic depressive.
  • They described personality types, while modalities (fixed, mutable, and cardinal) cycle through the year four times and describe energy types.
  • The style was applied only to the representations of sacred personages and scenes, and as the traditional forms and attributes of the Brahmanic and Buddhist divinities were mutable only within narrow limits, the subjects seldom afforded scope for originality of design or observation of nature.