Sentence Examples

  • Ammon, Amen-RE, or Amenrasonther ("Ammon-Re king of the gods") was its deity, with his consort Mut and their child Khons.
  • There may have been an earlier temple here, but the present structure, dedicated to the Theban triad of Ammon, Mut and Khons, was erected by Amenophis III.
  • In the interior were Coropissus (Da Bazar), Olba (Uzunjaburj), and, in the valley of the Calycadnus, Claudiopolis (Mut) and Germanicopolis (Ermenek).
  • Mut (Majorca, 1632-1650).
  • Continuing, transformed western Thebes monumentally: built three great temples in addition, that of Mont on the north of Karnak, the temple of Mut on the south and the temple of Ammon at Luxor, and connected the last two with the state temple of Karnak by avenues of sphinxes.