Sentence Examples

  • This work is mutilated and without beginning or end.
  • Andre's sombre rage against the course of events found vent in the line on the Maenads who mutilated the king's Swiss Guard, and in the Ode d Charlotte Corday congratulating France that "Un scelerat de moins rampe dans cette fange."
  • It was opposed by the Liberals on the ground that it conceded too much, by the Clericals that it granted too little, but, though carried only in a mutilated form, it enabled the priests who had been ejected to appoint substitutes, and religious worship was restored in nearly a thousand parishes.
  • During the sack of Brescia in 1512, he was horribly mutilated by some French soldiers.
  • Taken prisoner by Nadir and barbarously mutilated by Adil Shah, he had afterwards found means to rejoin his people, but had surrendered himself to Karim Khan when his father was killed in battle.

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