Sentence Examples

  • Ammon, Amen-RE, or Amenrasonther ("Ammon-Re king of the gods") was its deity, with his consort Mut and their child Khons.
  • There may have been an earlier temple here, but the present structure, dedicated to the Theban triad of Ammon, Mut and Khons, was erected by Amenophis III.
  • As examples of such triads, vs they are called, may be mentioned that of Thebes, consisting if Ammon, Mut and Chons, father, mother and child; and as :ypical of the other kind, where a god was accompanied by two ~oddesses, that of Elephantine, consisting of Khnum, Satis and 5tnukis.
  • But three new temples at Karnak, that of Month (Mentu), of Mut and a smaller one, all are due to this reign, as well as the long avenue of sphinxes before the temple of Khons; these indicate that the present Ramesside temple of Khon.s has superseded an earlier one of this king.
  • At Karnak three temples, to Ammon, Khonsu and Mut, all belong to this reign.