Sentence Examples

  • If Stubb even, who is but a peg higher than Flask, happens to have but a small appetite, and soon shows symptoms of concluding his repast, then Flask must bestir himself, he will not get more than three mouthfuls that day; for it is against holy usage for Stubb to precede Flask to the deck.
  • It seemed hardly possible that by such comparatively small mouthfuls he could keep up the vitality diffused through so broad, baronial, and superb a person.
  • How at such an apparently unassailable surface, they contrive to gouge out such symmetrical mouthfuls, remains a part of the universal problem of all things.
  • She poured a lukewarm cup of coffee, held it between her hands and gulped mouthfuls, staring at the dirty kitchen floor.
  • I breathed in huge mouthfuls of the frigid winter air.

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