Sentence Examples

  • A monastic library was the proper place for this gentle emotional dreamer, who clung so fondly to the ancient traditions.
  • He intended taking monastic orders, but in 1798 the occupation of the city by the French troops drove him from Rome and changed his proposed career.
  • Lerinum (Lerins, off Cannes) had been made by Honoratus, afterwards bishop of Arles, the seat of a monastic community which produced a number of eminent churchmen, among them Hilary of Arles.
  • The third is the age of the plena spiritus libertas, the age of contemplation, the monastic age par excellence, the age of a monachism wholly directed towards ecstasy, more Oriental than Benedictine.
  • Coptic papyri mainly contain Biblical or religious texts or monastic deeds.

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