Sentence Examples

  • None the less the book produced a profound effect, and that far beyond the borders of the English Church, and it is largely due to its influence, and to that of the school it represents, that the High Church movement developed thenceforth on "Modernist" rather than Tractarian lines.
  • But ideas are difficult to kill, and it is possible that the Modernist movement may yet prove to be the opening chapter of a mighty revolution within the Church of Rome.'
  • For at least eight years before this he had been more or less in conflict with the authorities of his order, through his sympathy with "modernist" views, but the publication of this letter (afterwards issued by Tyrrell as A Much Abused Letter) brought about his expulsion from the order in February 1906.
  • In July 1907 the Holy Office published its decree condemning certain modernist propositions, and in September the pope issued his encyclical Pascendi Gregis.
  • Brilliant Modernist scholars like A.