Sentence Examples

  • While a matte white is the most common color, a dark, earthy neutral is also appropriate for a decor that straddles both modernism and minimalism.
  • By the 1930s, however, modernism overtook the simplicity of the Mission style, and Art Deco became all the rage in interior design.
  • Like most architectural periods, modernism is a term that straddles a large variety of interiors that evolved over several decades.
  • - Unitarianism in the United States followed essentially the same development as in England, and passed through the stages of Arminianism, Arianism, anti-tritheism, to rationalism and a modernism based on a large-minded acceptance of the results of the comparative study of all religions.
  • Euripides, as might be expected from his humanitarian cast of sentiment, and the " premature modernism " which has been remarked in him, rises above the ordinary feelings of his time in regard to the slaves.