Sentence Examples

  • The Iowa City Yoga Festival, launched in 2010, brings well-known yoga instructors and musicians to the Midwestern city for a weekend of education, exploration and celebration.
  • When word gets out about a new Ohio roller coaster, the buzz excites thrill enthusiasts around the world, but why does this Midwestern state have such appeal for coaster fans?
  • Brides who live in California, Florida, or Hawaii should have little trouble finding tropical buds, but Midwestern brides may need to plan farther ahead for these.
  • He attended Midwestern State University, where he received his B.A. in psychology and went on to the University of North Texas to get his Masters and Ph.D.
  • Florida, with over 1200 miles of coastline and 700 miles of beach, is a natural vacation spot for winter-weary Northeastern and Midwestern US residents.