Sentence Examples

  • That was the only thing that mattered at the moment.
  • In the main, however, the kings personal likes and dislikes mattered little to the realm, since he had a comparatively small share in its governance.
  • Herbart says that the judgment " A is B " does not contain the usually added thought that A is, because there is no statement of A's existence; as if the statement mattered to the thought.
  • It mattered little to Henry that the cardinal was arrogant, tactless and ostentatious; indeed it suited his purpose that Wolsey should be saddled by public opinion with all the blame that ought to have been laid on his own shoulders.
  • This would not have mattered if the necessary defensive works had been carried out, but the energies of the troops had been directed to preparing elaborate works in advance positions not well suited for defence, and the positions chosen by Cadorna for the main line of resistance were in many cases untouched.

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