Sentence Examples

  • In some cases it appears to have segregated from a basic eruptive magma, and in other cases to have resulted from metamorphic action.
  • He stated that " he had made a magma of sugar and water at atmospheric temperature, and heated the same to 190° or 200° F.
  • In this process the raw sugar is mixed with a small amount of syrup so as to form a suitable magma, and is then run into a continuous centrifugal, where it is sufficiently washed, and from which it runs out, comparatively clean, into the melting pans described above.
  • The magma, or molten lava in the interior of the earth, may be regarded as a mutual solution of various mineral silicates, charged with highly-heated vapour, sometimes to the extent of supersaturation.
  • On the other hand, the occurrence in meteoric stones, and the experiments mentioned above, show that the diamond may also crystallize from a basic magma, capable of yielding some of the metallic oxides and ferro-magnesian silicates; a magma, therefore, which is not devoid of oxygen.

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