Sentence Examples

  • Some of the stewards (there were semiliterate foremen among them) listened with alarm, supposing these words to mean that the young count was displeased with their management and embezzlement of money, some after their first fright were amused by Pierre's lisp and the new words they had not heard before, others simply enjoyed hearing how the master talked, while the cleverest among them, including the chief steward, understood from this speech how they could best handle the master for their own ends.
  • Unlike C but like most Lisp dialects, Perl internally and dynamically handles all memory allocation, garbage collection, and type coercion.
  • Note that this test assumes the emacs found to be a version that supports Emacs Lisp (such as gnu Emacs or XEmacs).
  • Paul Does n't have a lisp, I do n't know what was going on with his mic.
  • CLOS is pretty cool too (common lisp 's object system).

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