Sentence Examples

  • Although decisive evidence is lacking, it seems extremely probable that several references to Cush in the Old Testament cannot refer to Ethiopia, despite the likelihood that considerable confusion existed in the minds of early writers.
  • The present writer has suggested that the word Pali should be reserved for the language of the canon, and other words used for the earlier and later forms of it; 1 but the usage generally followed is so convenient that there is little likelihood of the suggestion being followed.
  • The thought was that if the prince of Country A married the princess of Country B, the likelihood of those countries going to war was reduced for at least a couple of generations.
  • The surgical team can also consider the appropriateness of various methods of reducing the likelihood of allogeneic transfusion.
  • We recommend that the Treasury examine this episode to ascertain why the likelihood of misuse was not more apparent at an earlier stage.

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