Sentence Examples

  • The result, though marvellous in quality, is in quantity lamentably meagre.
  • Crawford) were obtained, and much has been done at Constantinople, but the provincial customs offices are still lamentably defective.
  • 513 seq.), the piece kept the stage for eleven days, but it was lamentably inferior to Douglas.
  • De la chute des Jesuites (Paris, 1846), represented Clement as lamentably, almost culpably, weak; CretineauJoly, in his Hist..
  • Facing the South Common were the homes of Rev. Nathaniel Ward (1578-1652), principal author of the Massachusetts "Body of Liberties" (1641); the first code of laws in New England, and author of The Simple Cobler of Aggawam in America, Willing to help mend his Native Country, lamentably tattered, both in the upper-Leather and the Sole (1647), published under the pseudonym, "Theodore de la Guard," one of the most curious and interesting books of the colonial period; of Richard Saltonstall (1610-1694), who wrote against the life tenure of magistrates, and although himself an Assistant espoused the more liberal principles of the Deputies; and of Ezekiel Cheever (1614-1708), a famous schoolmaster, who had charge of the grammar school in 1650-1660.