Sentence Examples

  • Energy of motion is usually called "kinetic energy."
  • Available kinetic energy is possessed by a system of two or more bodies in virtue of the relative motion of its parts.
  • For a rigid body the kinetic energy will, in general, consist of three terms (AW1 2 +BW2 2 +CW3 2) in addition to the translational energy.
  • The kinetic energy of the molecules of these gases must contain two terms in addition to those representing translational energy.
  • The hypothesis that the state was steady, so that interchanges arising from convection and collisions of the molecules produced no aggregate result, enabled him to interpret the new constants involved in this law of distribution, in terms of the temperature and its spacial differential coefficients, and thence to express the components of the kinetic stress at each point in the medium in terms of these quantities.

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