Sentence Examples

  • It consists of five principal parts - the card, the needles, the bowl, a jewelled cap and the pivot.
  • Inquiry still takes this shape, and when any part of Disraeli's career is studied, the laces and essences, the rings over gloves, the jewelled satin shirt-fronts, the guitareries and chibouqueries of his early days are never remote from memory.
  • Isabella Gonzaga again begged, in an autograph letter, that she might have a painting by his hand, but her request was put off; he did her, however, one small service by examining and reporting on some jewelled vases, formerly the property of Lorenzo de' Medici, which had been offered her.
  • The child was registered as "Glory," and, at the christening service in the chapel of the Abode, hymns were sung in its honour as it 'lay in a jewelled cradle in the chancel.
  • Jewelled bazubands, containing talismans, are often worn on the upper arm, while among the lower orders and south Persian or Arab women nose-rings are not uncommon, and bangles or anklets of beads.

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