Sentence Examples

  • In each case the results of the observations may be systematically in error, not only from the uncertain diameter of the moon, but in a still greater degree from the varying effect of irradiation and the personal equation of the observers.
  • It has been in the past a source of much perplexity to observers of transits, but is now understood to be a result of irradiation, produced by the atmosphere or by the aberration of the telescope.
  • The inspirations which the prophet receives by angelic messengers are compared with the irradiation of intellectual light, which the philosopher wins by contemplation of truth and increasing purity of life.
  • AB - Radical pelvic irradiation has constituted the definitive therapy for patients with large cervical cancers.
  • CONCLUSION: The virtual simulation is a feasible tool for the treatment planning of patients undergoing tangential irradiation of the breast.

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