Sentence Examples

  • No one is invulnerable to temptation, Damian.
  • I think of it as remaining invulnerable, something you taught me.
  • A wellknown Lapith was Caeneus, said to have been originally a girl named Caenis, the favourite of Poseidon, who changed her into a man and made her invulnerable (Ovid, Melon.
  • According to another story Thetis dipped the child in the waters of the river Styx, by which his whole body became invulnerable, except that part of his heel by which she held him; whence the proverbial "heel of Achilles" (Statius, Achilleis, i.
  • Invulnerable in exact anatomical description and comparison, he failed in all his philosophical generalizations, even in those strictly within the domain of anatomy.

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