Sentence Examples

  • Because investing in new companies is entirely different than knowing when to buy and sell a stock.
  • This procrastinator Kutuzov, whose motto was "Patience and Time," this enemy of decisive action, gave battle at Borodino, investing the preparations for it with unparalleled solemnity.
  • When ripe the two carpels separate in the form of two valves and liberate a large number of seeds, each provided at the base with a tuft of silky hairs, and containing a straight embryo without any investing albumen.
  • For the transference of a bishopric a special legal form was evolved - that of investiture, the king investing the bishop elect with the see by delivering to him the ring and pastoral staff.
  • His general plan was to maintain as advanced a line as possible, to manoeuvre against the investing troops, and to support his own by the long range fire of his rifled guns.