Sentence Examples

  • Cherubin, whose in strument consisted of two inverting systems, and consequently gave a totally wrong impression of depth, i.e.
  • 13 that the objective's exit pupil P'P1' is portrayed by the positive eyepiece, the image P"P i " limits the pencils P ', double microscope; these inverting prisms permit a convenient adaptation of the instrument to the interpupillary distance of the observer.
  • Then, by inverting the series, the longitude was expressed in terms of the time.
  • The question therefore arises, how we are to discover "All M is P," and this question Wundt answers by adding an inductive method, which involves inverting the inductive syllogism in the style of Aristotle into a deductive syllogism from a hypothesis in the style of Jevons, thus: - (I) (2) S is P. Every M is P.
  • The inverting telescope, composed of two, convex lenses, was a later invention; still it is not impossible that the original experiment was made with two convex lenses.

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