Sentence Examples

  • The Council will want to be involved, even if this becomes an intra-galaxy war.
  • "It's been an intra-galaxy war for generations!" he said with some impatience.
  • His fame rests on De solido intra solidum naturaliter contento, published at Florence in 1669.
  • In some of the tombs of these legionaries coins of Maxentius have been found, while the Liber Pontificalis records that Constantine gave to the church of Albano "omnia scheneca deserta vel domos intra urbem Albanensem," which has generally been taken to refer to the abandoned camp. It was at this period, then, that the civitas Albanensis arose.
  • Intra-urban railways, as compared with ordinary railways, are characterized by shortness of length, great cost per mile, and by a traffic almost exclusively passenger, the burden of which is enormously heavy.