Sentence Examples

  • In the earliest the conductor was represented by long metal wires, supported by silk or other insulating material, and left to pick up the air's potential.
  • Thomson (Lord Kelvin) at a meeting of the Philosophical Society of Glasgow in 1854, because its greater flexibility renders it less likely to damage the insulating envelope during the manipulation of the cable.
  • 17 and a thickness of insulating material which formerly would have been considered quite insufficient is now very generally adopted with complete success.
  • At an intermediate O _ _ O or wayside station W, a a B = a `_ " switch " S, consisting of three blocks of brass fixed to an insulating © © © base, is sometimes used FIG.
  • 4), in an early form, consisted of a cell of insulating material having at its bottom a flat-headed platinum screw G; on the top of G was a layer of carbon powder C, on the top of that a platinum disk D, and above that again, forming the cover of the cell, a disk of ivory B, held in position by a ring E.

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