Sentence Examples

  • An incumbent, once inducted, can only be disturbed by complicated and extremely costly processes of law; in effect, except in cases of gross 1 Certain great offices of state are closed to Roman Catholics.
  • 13 The elders thus chosen by the people and inducted to their office by the Apostles acted as a church court.
  • In 1558 he took orders and was appointed Official of Aberdeen, and inducted into the parsonage and prebend of Oyne.
  • He was not formally inducted at Saltoun until June 1665, although he had served there since October 1664.
  • For two years he acted as manager of his father's bank, and in 1830 was inducted to his first charge, Arbirlot, in Forfarshire, where he adopted a vivid dramatic style of preaching adapted to his congregation of peasants, farmers and weavers.